It’s Official!

As of July 15th 2014, I will be moving  to my new home in Belize City, Belize. Amusingly, I don’t know where I am living in the City (yet); however I will have another Cuso volunteer roommate whom I have already met. We are both from a different generation – me being from a younger one, and my roommate from an older one. I could say that our living arrangement will be quite chipper because I can see us learning a lot from one another but our experiences will be very different. For you see, I am a white Eastern European female and I will stand out like another merry island hopping tourist who just stepped off the Royal Caribbean (with the aroma of suntan lotion). My lovely roommate on the other hand was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, so her image won’t be an exaggerated stereotype like mine.

I don’t have any high or silly expectation for living standards, as long as a single bed or mattress, a kitchen (with a hot plate to cook on) and a working toilet – simple and good enough for me. When it’s the place in Belize City I have been told that the North side is safe and wealthier while the South side, you may find it menacing. For tourists the city does have a bad reputation for poverty and crime, especially in the South side. I do not doubt these claims however they are not my own and this is why I have created a blog; to tell what I see (on either side I may live on). In addition, I know for a fact that I will be working with the Ministry on the South side, but I’m not troubled or anxious by it.

Wherever you travel in life, risks and dangers always perpetuate than when you are cozy at home with a book. Belize City will be life changing, frustrating (at times), amazing and sun blazing. I may not heading off there as a tourist, but to experience the country’s well know natural beauty I will catch some good excursions. Oh and I am definitely getting my scuba diving certification while I am there (apparently one of the cheapest countries to certify as a diver). But I still have so much to do before my departure!



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