Last Week for Canada

7 is for the amount of days before I depart to Belize! I woke up today feeling a little shocked. It wasn’t a nervous or a frightful feeling, but a sudden awareness of the changes that are going to happen. In the past month I was focused on my full-time job, fundraising and seeing those close to me. Even reading up on Belize and following their news did not make me feel the change that I was waiting for. If you have traveled (even for a short period) I think you can relate. Knowing that in less than a day’s travel I will be away from my Canadian surroundings has finally thrown me off (thank you jet planes).

Before the gates, my main luggage will be checked, my parents will hug and kiss me till my face is red, and I’ll have my fruity Mentos™  snug in my pocket (to suck, so that my ears don’t pop a great deal). Tuesday morning (July 15th )I will be leaving from Trudeau Airport MTL to Dallas Texas where I will transfer my flight to Belize City. Once I land there, I will be picked up with other Cuso volunteers – still no information on my accommodation (should I be worried?). But until that time comes, this week will be intense. I still have to calculate 23kg (+10kg) of items to bring for 8 months, do as much fundraising possible, and of course say bye to all those dear to me.

Monday the 14th I think I will spend my last evening in Canada enjoying downtown Montreal. Go out to a café or a small diner and take a few good hours to delight in and appreciate that moment of final transition between my former place and new place.


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