I See Coconuts!

I made it out of Miami – after another 2 hour delay (blame it on the lightning storm). Finally, when I landed in Belize City and I walked off the plane, it felt like putting yourself into a toasty oven and I thought to myself, “yup, I am in Belize.”

The Belize International airport is very small, quaint and mostly crowded with white foreign tourists/NGO workers/and travelers. Its layout consists of one main level, one small duty-free liquor store, and no high-tech gate to walk through – complete opposite of what Miami had to show. In fact, they are the polar opposite. It’s a strange feeling being surrounded by high fashion stores at one airport, then getting off at another airport that is smaller than Wal-Mart.

As I stepped outside I was greeted by my “In-country Representative” Kyle holding a Cuso International sign. We greeted and one of the first things he told me was, “today is really hot!” I was definitely in Belize.

Street sign to Belize City Downtown
Street sign to Belize City Downtown

However, I was not the only one who arrived that day. Another volunteer had arrived shortly after me. She was the lady whom I had met before in Ottawa through Cuso and is also my roommate. We quickly packed our luggage up into the truck and dashed towards downtown Belize City. On the way there I could not stop thinking of how badly I wanted to climb all the coconut trees I saw passing and open one up to drink! 🙂


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