The First Weekend – Beach Belize

Here comes the sun and I say, “Let’s go to Caye Caulker”. This is a little island an hour north of Belize City and it is a great place to just relax and mellow out of the city life. Caye Caulker (Caye read like “key”) has one main road, lovely little restaurants, diners, shops, hand-made souvenirs, more fresh fruit and a mix of Belizean and tourists. It’s an island of slow pace where the thought of time fades away once you visit.

2014-07-20 11.39.45

Walking along the main road there are no cars or motorbikes, just golf carts and bicycles (yes, that is how small the island is). Getting here would cost around 35$ BLZ (tourist rate) but usually you can get a ticket for 27$ BLZ (about $13.50 US).

There is really only one main swimming area, or at least where most people go called “the split”. Now the split is basically the end of the island and it splits into two parts. The first part has a way to ease into the sea, while the other part has a dock with a bar & grill. You can either stay in the shade or take your beer into the  water where it is shallow. Even though it is not your typical white long sandy beach it has its own characteristics that attracts people to it (so I believe).

looking onto the 1st split
looking onto the beach side
2014-07-20 16.53.37
Shallow section, 2nd part of split

At the first part of the split you have half of a sea wall standing and the other part along the shore is under water. It had collapsed during a hurricane some years ago. To go further out into the sea you need to swim over the remaining wall underwater (a little annoying).

front boardwalk at the split
boardwalk at the split

Socializing around the split is fantastic, especially with Bob Marley (Belize people love B.M.) on shuffle in the background. I will be going back there soon again!


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