The Sea and Me

This past Saturday morning, I hopped on the boat and took my second trip to Caye Caulker. I don’t have much to do in the city over the weekends, so I tend to venture out – and I take comfort in it. My personality isn’t an addictive type, but travelling or going to foreign places is my heart’s desire. Half of the thrill is meeting the locals and travelers. The other half is just to be with yourself where you’re able to make your own decisions (also known as F-R-E-E-D-O-M).

On the little island of Caye Caulker I ran into a group of Polish woman -3 of the ladies (Marta, Agnieszka & Iga) were around my age traveling through Central America. Their stay on Caye Caulker was short, but I could not believe the odds that I would meet Poles and become acquainted. Seriously, on that little piece of land out in the sea. The three of us spent the evening walking around, getting a lobster dinner and going out dancing. Being around with them for that one evening made me realize how much I miss my family in Poland and the country – in a good way. Hope their travels continue on with many wonderful experiences!

This quote by Ken Hundert “Uncertainty and anticipation are the joys of travel” is spot on and it is another reason I love to travel. I ran into two students (Ben and Mica) from Manchester, UK  and a travel from Mexico City by the name of Mareike.  They were all traveling through parts of Central America.  Ben, Mica and I split the lodging price and got a nice deal on snorkeling for Sunday– which was a magnificent!

All three backpackers were genuine and kind which was wonderful to come across!

Finally, I was excited to meet up with the couple I met the last weekend in San Ignacio! Well the boyfriend (Vlad), had left to visit Czech Rep, but Shakira, his girlfriend (has always a warm smile), was pleased to see me! Ended up seeing her on the dance floor that evening too. The world is definitely shrinking!

A brilliant weekend 😀




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