La Isla Bonita

Familiar with the song? Well, thanks to Madonna, the town of San Pedro, the heartbeat of Ambergris Caye, got its fame from.

This past weekend (August  9th & 10th), I did more than just dream of San Pedro, I travelled out! Here, no one rushes. People smile constantly. The taxi and mobility around the town you’d discover is a golf cart.

San Pedro is simplicity. It’s a hammock under a palm on the beach, or sitting and dangling your feet in the water at the end of some pier.

The town is in the south of the Caye, and there are complaints among Belizians that San Pedro is overbuild and the population of the island grows annually.

From the boat on the way to San Pedro, you cannot miss the  resorts neighboring  one another with their individual piers selling that picturesque  romantic getaway. Looking down, just over a meter below you see crystal green and blue waters, so clear you can see the fish and sharks below the surface.

A few miles out from the island is nestled a magnificent  barrier reef, second in length only to Austrialia’s.  Another trip I will have to make to experience the sea world – once I get my divers certification.

I ran into a few foreigners who have situated themselves on the island. One Canadian who was actually from Toronto and owns a Licks burger joint at the beach front. The other, a flavorful pirate and musician who was very free spirited! I enjoyed my little conversation with him – I believe he was from the States.


He even  gave me a message in a bottle…


The children are a joy to watch while they play on the beach. I do wish the sea shore and palm trees were my playground when I was a child.

Escaping to these islands over the weekend is a mini vacation you can say. But I do wish to meet more locals the next time I visit – to know more about the island’s history and the communities.


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