10 Things I Miss About Poland

Living here in Belize for a month now and I would have thought to be homesick for Toronto-Canada, but instead my memories keeps reverting me back to my motherland- Poland. Belize is wonderful, but being here makes me realize how important Poland is to me. Most of the reasons are explained in this post! lol

Adventures in Living Abroad

Warsaw skyline from my old apartment Warsaw skyline from my old apartment.

Following up on my Top 10 list about Taiwan I’ve decided to do a list of things that I liked about Poland and that I miss.  It seems I’ve been dogging it too much lately and (ahem) some people’s feathers are getting ruffled.

So, since my time in Poland was one of the most exciting and most fun years of my life filled with tons of great people, great friends, sister bonding moments, memories, café scenes, and existential thought-provoking conversations, and clubbing (Oh, my God, the clubbing!) without further ado here are the things I miss about Poland:

1.  The Public Transportation System

I know you think I’m joking but I’m not. As much as I rave about the metro system in Taipei, the public transportation system in Warszawa or (Wawa as it’s affectionately known) is actually better. It’s true that Warszawa only has…

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