Let’s Get Festive!

September is the month!! Belizeans are holding their concerts, festivities and carnivals. It is actually one of the few countries to host events every weekend to celebrate their independence – which is on September 21st. And I am ready to party!

The first weekend that just past was a hit! There was so much going on I was only able to attend half of the events.

[Friday] there was the Belikin Bash – a party hosted by the Brewery of Belikin Beer (Belizean amazing beer) at Memorial Park, and Pan Yaad – a 3 hour concert of steel drumming by youth groups of all ages.
[Saturday] was the Expo (as well as Sunday) – a tent sale of different local businesses, and the Carnival King and Queen Contest.


The other Cuso volunteers and I attended Pan Yaad. Since I  haveNEVER seen a steel drum concert I wanted to check it out. I adored seeing a group of 5-7 years olds playing “Ole Ole” (the soccer song). The event took place at the governor general’s place which is also known as the “Culture House” (a very historical building).

The set up was really nice and the crowd was at least over a thousand people. One of the more anticipated steel drum performances was from the group “Pandemonium”. This group was formed with the help of UNICEF, RESTOR Belize and the Government in order to draw youth away from street crime and into a collective where they can express their talents. They performed the hit song “Watch Out for This (Bumaye)” by Major Lazor and the audience loved it! A group of young people was dancing and singing, while children were jumping around.

Watch Out For This Video here! 

Performances no where close to the end. One group was from the Capital City of Belmopan, followed by the Belize City “Panthanters” – who came out in traditional Garifuna costumes and danced over to the stage. Both performances were sensational and at the end all 3 groups (including Pandemonium) went on stage and performed together! That night started at 8 and it kept on jamming till 1am. This was my first event here in Belize, and it was fantastic!


The following day I went over to the Expo. I was so exhausted from Pan Yaad, I slept in and missed some of the morning. But I still made it there by 11am. There was a variety of food and drinks I went with my chicken beans and slaw along with this fancy drink (yummy orange juice).


I shopped around for items that were unique or handmade and found a few good deals! There were a few booths that were belonged to awareness organization like diabetes, kidney foundation, safe driving and recycling (because Belizeans don’t recycle). In fact the recycling organization provided recycling bins around the Expo and had signs for bins to recycle plastic and aluminum. I went around with one of the staff and unfortunately, people aren’t in the habit or just don’t care. You could see food scraps and non-recyclable waste thrown in.


A few more hours of cruising between the tents and my decision to go home came  when I realized I had no more money.

The weekend was a different experience from my usual travel and escaping the city to staying and taking part in local events.

This weekend coming up with be the Carnival! I will join the parading in the streets!


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