Glass half empty or half full?!

It has been a while since my last posting and I do regret my absence from my blog. It has been hectic this past month scrambling to find a thesis topic and write a proposal while working on a research that involves evaluating the Youth Apprenticeship Program in Belize. So as of lately I now have two researches and at least two cups of coffee a day (skimmed down on the sugar and found some organic beans!).

I have past my half way mark for my placement in Belize and I have gone through a spectrum of emotions. The opportunity to have practical experience  my undergraduate studies is a chance that many university students would definitely want – which makes me grateful- but it’s not always a peachy paradise. The first few months are exciting and everything is new, but when you fall into a daily routine that is the moment when I became nostalgic of my home.

As a single female in Belize, living simply (as in not practicing western consumerism) is brilliant! But other comforts, like being able to walk down the street without being daily objectified, is something I would appreciate more than ever. It’s not that walking around the City is miserable, but I cannot recall a time here in Belize City where street harassment has not occurred.

But as for my good experiences, I’ve had more of those than negative ones. Until now I’ve made a few good local friends; met very intellectual and bright young Belizeans; got soaked in tropical rainstorms walking home; discovered the real taste of fresh fruits, and my favorite one is sapodilla; shared much of my food with stray animals – also with Belizeans who beg for money from me (instead I offer to buy them something to eat) and last but not least, travelled the country north, south, east and west!

Now that I have returned to blogging after a short break, I will be sharing more of my stories that were not yet told and new ones to happen!




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