1 step back and 2 steps forward

It’s almost the middle of December and my placement has taken a turn. Currently I am waiting for a change in work with the Ministry of Education in Belize. It didn’t work out with my previous placement, so now I am staying hopeful and patient for a better experience. The past month was challenging and leaving that placement was a necessary decision. I finally understand international development at work.

Nothing is ever certain with placements (especially for students) and we can try our hardest to stay positive and goal oriented, but I have also learned that some projects weren’t meant to continue. Not that the objectives of a project were bad or flawed, but there are so many small things that need to come into place for it to be successful. And if it means to end with a project from my part, it’s not a failure – it’s a new understanding of social, cultural and economic barriers.

It came to a point that I was mentally and physically exhausted with the job and so many obstacles at work were preventing me to push forward – in fact it was going backwards. I was in an environment that a volunteer could not continue. However, I have made few good Belizean friends during my time there.

From now until Christmas, I will be assisting other Cuso volunteers with their projects as well as volunteering my own time for a Catholic youth group. This month may go fast and with Christmas coming up, I am looking forward to reunite with my parents in Mexico!

To my family, friends, Cuso volunteers and wonderful people I had gone for support, I am thanking you with all my heart! These types of experiences are lessons with transitions that are all part of a greater and more important course in life.


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