Me – Monika Chmielewski

Good morning, good day or good evening. My name is Monika – born and raised in a Polish family household, and I am your average university student who is Specializing International Development Studies at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy living a simple life. Quite ironic to say since being a student who has moved out of her parents house is no smooth sailing. Simple – as in not taking more than I need or deserve. I have always enjoyed the little things in life, whether it is in nature, food, a smile from friend or a stranger and lastly the support I get at home.
Two months ago I finished my 3rd year and got a job with community housing, but only as a summer student. On July 15th, my next job will take me South to Belize City, Belize. My school program is initially 5 years – 4 years of theory and 1 year working abroad while researching on an undergrad thesis (still scoping out for a subject). I have no previous experience in that either, but I am ambitious and ready to explore new paths.
Through the University of Toronto I have been partnered up with a highly respectable NGO Cuso International, to work with one of their new partners, the Belize Government. My position will be with the Ministry of Education in Belize city.
I don’t know how much my efforts can change the high unemployment level in Belize City (probably very little) but taking on this challenge I am bound to change someones life. Paying it forward – it’s simple.




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Living in the heart of Belize. Monika moves to Belize City.

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