Why I am Fundraising

“ To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving. ” – Max Beerbohm

I am proud to have been selected by Cuso International, one of the largest and most respected volunteer agencies in North America.  I really like their commitment to “sending people not money” to train and empower people while working with the tenet of equality and equity.

Donating to Cuso International helps send volunteers as myself to work in developing countries with established and new partners. Cuso volunteers are not sent to build wells or other infrastructure, we are placed according to our professional skills and work with locals that can value our knowledge.
I am very grateful for this opportunity; therefore I am asking you for your help in reaching my fundraising goal: for every dollar that you contribute, former CIDA (DFATD) has committed to match it with $9. My given goal is to raise $2000 before and during my volunteer placement. This money works through a “pay it forward” method. The $2000 raised, all proceeds from fundraising will go to Cuso International Canada, to be used to send volunteers like myself on similar placements. I myself have already donated 40$.

For more infromation about Cuso International, check out:


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